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More from Maison: Arteriors at M&O 2016

Described as “the major event for professionals working in the art of living in all its rich and varied expressions”, Maison & Objet Paris is a premier show and destination for Arteriors and all home design professionals and retailers alike.

The Winter 2016 iteration of the event brought Arteriors across the pond for its second consecutive year of showing.

The crown jewel of this year’s Arteriors M&O Showroom was the Winter 2016 collection – consisting of 40 inspired, luxurious lighting designs from favorites in new finishes to debut items. In addition to the latest collection, Arteriors introduced several other items to Europe for the first time.

Shop the Winter 2016 and Fall 2015 Collections

“We couldn’t be more excited to take part in Maison for another year,” said Arteriors Founder and Creative Director Mark Moussa.

“Maison is a great opportunity to not only visit the design capital of the world, but also pop into some of my favorite restaurants.”

See Mark and other Arteriors creatives’ favorite shots from Maison and Paris below!

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