Announcing the New Arteriors Collection - Arteriors Home


Announcing the New Arteriors Collection

With another High Point Market comes several all-new, inspired introductions from Arteriors Home. See them all here.

Within the stunning Spring 2016 collection, we’ve identified three Big Themes found all throughout. Watch the video for an in-depth look at each, then read more about them below.

Our BIG Themes: Spring 2016 from Arteriors on Vimeo.

White & Gold

The combination of White & Gold emanate a classic glamour. Whether trimmed in gold or suaved in its shine, items with this juxtaposition of contrast ooze luxury…veritable gilded lilies.


The white in White & Gold can also denote negative space. Negative space, punctuated by accents of gold, injects an interior with a high wattage beauty. White & Gold is a classical motif that is both steeped in history, yet chic and transitional

 Silver Lining

Brass, bronze, rose gold and copper have all been trending in recent seasons, but everyone is always looking for a Silver Lining – the cure for brass fatigue.


The rich luster and versatility of silver in all its forms, lends itself to a myriad of spaces. Silver Lining ranges from brushed nickel in a warm patina, with vintage appeal, to chrome, cool, calm and collected. 

Curves for Days

Curves for Days celebrates the female form. Soft, undulating lines hug and contour the space in sinuous, elegant shapes. Fluidity reigns, providing a respite from the hard edge of industrial design.


Big curves and big drama, the exaggerated forms in Curves for Days add lavish, sophisticated flair to any space.

See more of Arteriors’ BIG Themes from past collections

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