Clearly Designed


Convention, as well as Wikipedia, tells you that when it comes to Transparency or Translucency, you can simply look right through to the other side. In recent years, we have seen this transparent trend grow exponentially making its barely-there presence known in everything from runway fashion to building materials and interior décor pieces. In luxury […]

BEST-LOVED ITEMS: According to us


Each year our product development team designs and introduces over 500 new items. With so many beautiful products being delivered daily, we were curious to find out which items are the personal favorites of our store managers in LA, NYC, and Dallas. And then, while we were in the asking mode, we got responses from […]

Copper: The Metal of the Moment


With its rich history and adaptability, copper imparts a subtle, yet impactful presence in a room, and we are seeing more and more of it as designers and their clients get more comfortable mixing metal finishes. Copper’s warm appearance comes in a variety of shades. Polished rose-gold, which takes its cue from jewelry designs, seems […]