Copper: The Metal of the Moment


With its rich history and adaptability, copper imparts a subtle, yet impactful presence in a room, and we are seeing more and more of it as designers and their clients get more comfortable mixing metal finishes. Copper’s warm appearance comes in a variety of shades. Polished rose-gold, which takes its cue from jewelry designs, seems […]

Arteriors’ Most Wanted


We so enjoy logging into our social media accounts each day to see which Arteriors products are on your most wanted lists. In the past few months you have shown a love for both bright, vibrant colors and tone-on-tone neutral spaces creating stunning backdrops for our products. It is always inspiring to see how you […]

Let’s Talk Sconces


“Sconces are the decorating equivalent of a great pair of earrings. You don’t really need them, but what a difference they can make in pulling a look together.” – Martha Stewart We agree with Martha that sconces can add a jewelry-like dimension to your space, but our customers are using them to do more than […]