#TrendAlert: Dynamic Metals

From silver and gold to copper and brass, metals have long been a staple in interior design and decor. Though their position in the home hasn’t shifted, the forms these metals take has pivoted as of late – giving way to the trend WGSN has dubbed Dynamic Metal. “Designers explore the rich potential of metal, working […]

Channels and Tufting Final 2

Art is in the Details: Channels & Tufting

“You know the feeling: You step inside a chic hotel and instantly transform into a more sophisticated version of yourself. Channel tufting makes us feel that way.” – MyDomaine The channels and tufting found throughout the Arteriors Upholstery collection help bring these classic techniques and old-world luxury language into the modern age. These practices have […]


Featured Client: DRESSED DESIGN

“We simply provide ‘wow’…the next level” Savvy, sophisticated and smart touts the DRESSED Design website – and all three are evident in everything the company has its hands in. A boutique interior design firm, DRESSED does it all when it comes to home décor: design, luxury leasing, residential staging and bespoke custom furnishings. Their projects span from […]